CVL Desktop

The Characterisation Virtual Laboratory (CVL) desktop is a remote desktop environment that provides researchers with access to imaging tools and data. The CVL desktop runs on the Nectar cloud, which provides access to a range of tools to process atom probe, neuroimaging, structural biology, X-ray and general imaging data. Instruments are integrated with the CVL desktop so that data is captured directly from the imaging instrument and transported to a managed environment, where it can be processed using software tools stored in the CVL and the Nectar Cloud.

The CVL desktop is being developed as part of the Nectar Characterisation Virtual Laboratory project, and is now being run by MASSIVE and the CVL partners, with Monash University as the lead organisation.

Using the CVL desktop

CVL workbenches

A CVL workbench is a remote CVL desktop designed to support the data capture and analysis workflow for a specific area of research. For example, the  Structural Biology Workbench is GPU-enabled and features the PyMOL and UCSF Chimera applications.

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