IPSXE – Intel Parallel Studio XE Information Session

Event Name IPSXE – Intel Parallel Studio XE Information Session
Start Date 30 May 2018 9:00 am
End Date 30 May 2018 12:00 pm
Duration 3 hours

Half day IPSXE – Intel Parallel Studio XE

Event organised by Intel and the Monash HPC team (MonARCH and MASSIVE)

Location: Monash University, Clayton, Building and room TBD

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Agenda (for new audience)

30 min Introduction to Intel Parallel Studio XE (IPSXE)

  • High level view of IPSXE components:
    • Compilers and Intel distribution for python
    • Performance libraries
    • Single/multi node profiling tools

75 min Tools for single node optimisations

  • Intel Compilers
  • Brief introduction
  • Performance numbers
  • Compiler flags
  • Intel Distribution for Python
  • Introduction
  • PyDAAL
  • Intel optimised frameworks
  • BigDL
  • Intel Advisor
  • Brief introduction to vectorization
  • Tool features
  • Recommendations for better vectorization
  • Roofline model
  • Intel VTune Amplifier
  • Introduction
  • Tool features
  • Demo
  • Application Performance Snapshot

90 min Tools for multi node optimisations

  • Intel MPI (IMPI)
  • MPI code structure and walkthrough
  • New features of MPI 3 standard
  • Intel trace analyser and collector (ITAC)
  • Tool introduction
  • ITAC demo on an open source real world application
  • March to Exascale / New features of Intel MPI Library 2019 Beta
  • Faster MPI startup scheme
  • New and improved code base (CH4)
  • Unified OFI netmod
  • Better collective operations infrastructure
  • Better support for hybrid programming models
  • MPI tune

15 min buffer / Q&A

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