Characterisation Informatics Strategy

Characterisation has become a capability where informatics infrastructure, expertise and best practice is essential to turning data into new discoveries. As a collective, the Australian Characterisation community shares a number of significant informatics challenges and it was with this in mind that in August 2017 a group comprised of representatives from Monash University, the Australian Microscopy & Microanalysis Research Facility (AMMRF)Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and National Imaging Facility (NIF), developed A Collaborative Australian Characterisation Informatics Strategy (PDF, 120KB). This strategy was based on the outcomes of a series of open Characterisation Informatics workshops involving stakeholders from AMMRF, ANDS, ANSTO, BPA, Nectar, NIF, RDS, Monash University, the Universities of Melbourne, NSW, Queensland, Wollongong, WA, Sydney, and Agilent and NVIDIA.

This strategy is intended to guide Australian investments in characterisation informatics. This includes the newly launched Characterisation Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory (DeVL) project.

Download A Collaborative Australian Characterisation Informatics Strategy (PDF, 120KB)