FAIR data & training program

Training & community outreach

An unprecedented amount of data is being generated by the research community and this data will undoubtedly grow as new technology is developed. The Characterisation Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory (DeVL) aims to address the volume, complexity and diversity of Characterisation data by leveraging existing capabilities and building new infrastructure to enable Australian researchers to effectively use new-generation techniques and employ informatics skills while addressing effective data management and storage.

In alignment with the priorities set by Australian Government in the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap and the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy, the FAIR data and outreach program of the Characterisation DeVL project will:

  • Up-skill the research workforce and the next generation of experts through domain specific training
  • Integrate FAIR principles into the skills training to make characterisation digital objects more Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable utilising both existing and new infrastructure built as part of this project
  • Develop a nationally coordinated network of informatics experts

The training provided by this program will draw connections between the characterisation tools available within the Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory and how each component of FAIR adds value to the data generated by researchers. Increased awareness of FAIR combined with the provision of tools are intended to contribute to cultural change around research data.

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FAIR data principles

The FAIR data principles were developed in 2015 at a workshop in the Netherlands to provide a framework for thinking about sharing data in order to enable its maximum use and reuse, thereby retaining its value over time.

The Characterisation DeVL project recognises that considerations around data have to take into account each domain’s specific requirements as well as the variety of ways that the FAIR principles may be applied in order to meet the variety of users’ needs. For this reason the Characterisation DeVL will provide domain-specific training and draw direct connections between the tools provided in the CVL and the application of FAIR data principles.

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