Characterisation Virtual Laboratory

Connecting instruments, researchers and the Australian research cloud

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Avizo-Amira 3D Software capture image

Amira-Avizo seminar and training

The Thermo Fisher Scientific team is hitting the road to roll out workshops to meet with students and researchers around the world.

Introducing the Characterisation Data enhanced Virtual Laboratory

Integrating Australian instruments: electron microscope

The Characterisation Data enhanced Virtual Laboratory (DeVL) project aims to make a significant contribution toward addressing the major challenges faced by the Australian characterisation community

Characterisation Informatics Strategy

Representatives of the Characterisation Informatics community have developed a strategy to address the significant informatics challenges facing Australian researchers today

NeCTAR Virtual Labs have huge impact

A Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies report indicates that NeCTAR VL services have had a significant economic and user impact

Screenshot of CVL desktop showing open scientific imaging windows

CVL leveraging new imaging modalities

The microscopy revolution: How the Characterisation Virtual Lab (CVL) is leveraging new imaging modalities to deliver increased research investment impact and collaboration

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