Atom Probe Workbench v1.0 released

An Atom Probe Microscope (APM) is used to characterise the chemistry and 3D structure of materials (such as metals, alloys, semiconductors, superconductors, ceramics) at the atomic scale. The Atom Probe Workbench (APW) contains the computational tools that are necessary to analyse data from an APM, and runs on Linux (CentOS version 6.4) Virtual Machines within the NeCTAR cloud. The Atom Probe Workbench was developed as one of four application drivers of the Nectar Characterisation Virtual Laboratory (CVL) project: Energy Materials - Atom Probe.

The APW is a suite of individual atom probe analysis tools (both open and closed source) developed by Atom Probe researchers around the world. APW also contains a collection of customised open source programs such as Galaxy (workflow engine), MyTardis (data sharing, usage tracking, citation reporting), and other command-line scripts (usage reporting). These open source programs provide additional functionality to allow a researcher to properly track and monitor the use of intellectual property.

The pre-existing atom probe software tools included in version 1.0.0 of the Atom Probe Workbench are listed on the APW Workbench page.