Introducing CVL Neuroimaging

The Nectar CVL Neuroimaging sub-project is underway with multiple tools integrated so far. The team working on this integration are based at the Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) at the University of Queensland (UQ). It comprises, Harald Waxenegger, Dr Adam Lin, Prof Graham Galloway and Dr Andrew Janke the sub-project manager. So far this neuroimaging workbench has integrated the most popular analysis packages and added these to the CVL repository allowing their installation on any NeCTAR node and some of the HPC systems, most notably MASSIVE. An additional component of the Neuro-CVL is the integration of a databasing and workflow system that will ease the transition of data from multiple Imaging systems around Australia managed by the National imaging Facility (NIF). This work is expected to begin shortly with researchers at the University of Melbourne (Neil Killeen and King Chiu) and the Research Computing Centre in UQ (Minh Huynh).

The Current Neuro-CVL snapshot can be found here and is available to researchers through the CVL Desktop. We expect to complete user acceptance testing on this part of the project shortly. Neuroimaging post-processing and analysis is typically involved and domain specific but there is still a large amount of commonality in most analysis techniques. To this end a number of dominant open-source packages have evolved over time. These are all included in the Neuro-CVL sub-project along with code to convert data between the multiple packages.

View more information on the CVL Neuroimaging Workbench page